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Darren Criss Live in Trinoma (December 22, 2010)

Posted by Fred on November 22, 2012 at 10:30 AM

I was not really expecting much from this concert.  The artist Darren Criss is new, and only hit the public consciousness recently because of his breakthrough appearance on the hit TV show "Glee" as Blaine, Kurt's crush from the Dalton Warblers.  He is the first artist from "Glee" to have a concert here in Manila, and as total Gleeks, my wife, my daughter and I all went to catch this show.

Iin the last week when we were Christmas shopping at the Trinoma, we did not see big posters announcing this mall show.  I just recalled that it was announced previously, so we inquired at the concierge for the ticket mechanics. It was not too difficult to get tickets this time unlike previous mall shows, like Elliot Yamin or even Taylor Hicks.

Darren Criss is half Irish and half Pinoy.  I do not really see any Pinoy in him appearance-wise, though, as he had more of a Middle Eastern look. Anyway, he seemed very friendly and overwhelmed with this Pinoy fans.  He was very good with the guitar and keyboards.  He had a very strong and versatile pop voice.

His concert was very generous.  He just kept on singing, and obviously was having a lot of fun doing so.  He had about 16 songs in the regular set, and then two songs in the encore.  He did songs from his EP entitled "Human," like the title track, "Not Alone" (VIDEO) and "Jealousy." 

Of course, he did his songs from Glee, "Hey Soul Sister" (VIDEO) and "Teenage Dream."  It was just a bummer that my video "Teenage Dream" disappeared from my camera!

He did three Disney songs, namely "Make a Man Out of You," "Part of Your World" and attempted "Go the Distance" but charmingly flubbed the lyrics.  

Of course he did not disappoint the fans of his Youtube hit series "A Very Potter Musical" by doing a lot of its selections like "Get Back to Hogwarts" (singing multiple parts), "Granger Danger" (VIDEO) and even a Hermione song "The Coolest Girl."  

He ended his concert with a Christmas carol, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" (VIDEO) and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." (VIDEO)

Last night, the fangirls were so unexpectedly rabid.  Some were even in Hermione costumes, in reference to Darren's starring role as Harry Potter in "A Very Potter Musical."  They were screaming so loudly when Darren made his appearance, and were singing along to ALL his songs!  This guy seems to have bright future ahead of him.

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