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Tron Legacy

Posted by Fred on November 22, 2012 at 10:25 AM

December 22, 2010

There is something so odd about this movie. For a movie that is supposedly futuristic, "TRON: Legacy" actually felt dated to me. Those feel of the scenes in the beginning of the film really felt as though this whole film was done in the 1980s. The whole production even within The Grid really felt like it was the 80s again, with its minimalist bluish-white vs. orange-yellow color scheme. But come to think of it, this may be done on purpose since the character of Jeff Bridges had been trapped there and created that alternate computerized world since the 1980s.


I had a difficult time following the dialog many times. The pronunciations seemed slurred. The director may have assumed too much that the audience have seen the original 1980s film to be familiar with the storyline. Sometimes the scene continuity was confusing too. The actor playing the young and the adult Sam do not look alike. Also unfortunately, TRON himself is of a nature too nebulous for a title character, especially to the uninitiated.


Now for the plus side: As a light and sound show though, Tron Legacy excels. This movie is an audio-visual feast. The battles with the discs were exciting, along with the disintegrating Programs as they were "mortally" hit. The morphing into motorcycles or jets of light were very well-executed and beautiful to see. The races and battles of these light cycles were very neat.


Jeff Bridges the actor was, of course, proficient in his dual role as Kevin Flynn and Clu. The CG that creates a very young-looking Jeff Bridges was a realistic illusion. The new actors playing the leads, Garrett Hedlund (as Sam) and Olivia Wilde (as Quorra) did creditably well. Bruce Boxleitner looked nothing like how he looked in "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" back in his heyday.


TRON: Legacy is quite a spectacle to watch, yes. But do not expect a story that will make you think too much. Just ride along with the neon lights and have a good time.

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